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Based on The Objective Coaching System by Ty Isquirdo

Revolution in Youth Baseball Coaching and Training

Based on proven Objective Coaching methods authored by Ty Isquirdo the Fair-Ball system is a revolutionary tool eliminating dramas and questions regarding playtime and positioning of youth baseball players in their teams. It is aimed primarily at youth baseball coaches, players of youth baseball teams and their parents. The system implements unique formulas based on combination of baseball specific skills, athletic and game performance

to generate ideal lineups

for upcoming games. This is not another usual baseball statistics calculation program even though it also includes options that many numerous apps are offering as well. Its uniquenes is defined by generating ideal lineups only by

a few mouseclicks

and not via more or less complicated guess work by a no matter how highly qualified headcoach the team has. You can download PDF slides to learn more about the Fair-Ball system here.

Fair-Ball Team

Jan Kulisek

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Web Developer

Chief developer of the Fair-Ball system.

The owner of JLK Consulting firm. Joined the Fair-Ball team in 2016

Ty Isquirdo

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Formed Fair-Ball team in the summer of 2016.

Has been coaching baseball for over 20 years. Invented Fair-Ball methods to generate game lineups.


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Project Leader

Nomination for this position is pending.

Will coordinate further development of Fair-Ball system.


Three major benefits the users of Fair-Ball will enjoy


Winning Games

Guarantee to win more games

New York

Players' Growth

Improves Individual Growth

San Francisco

Solves Drama

Limits and Solves Dramas on the Field


We simply love baseball!

A baseball fan? Drop a note.

Located in: SF Bay Area, US

Email: fairball@jlkconsulting.info


As of now the Fair-Ball blog is dedicated to the news on project progress. In the near future the authors base will be expanded and it will include other topics on baseball training and more general subjects.


A Few Words About Fair-Ball

Jan ("Yan") Webmaster | 9/17/2018

Fair-Ball is an array of routines for training of baseball youth teams with embedded strategies for individual and team growth. The training routines are assembled into a full training system according to long life baseball couch Ty Isquirdo, which was completed a few years prior to the registration of the Fair-Ball brand.

During mid of Summer 2016 the author of the Fair-Ball baseball training system Ty Isquirdo met with a computer developer, who also has an aptitude for ball sports and made a commitment to make this unique idea work as a web application. What at first looked like a simple algorithm turned into quite a complex system of many algorithms assuring the application is compliant with the training requirements.

At this time the Fair-Ball is expected to have first trial rounds starting this Fall season of 2018 hopefully by the end of September.

Potential interested parties are more than welcome to come back and check on progress of development and if interested, send us a message or idea or two...

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